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There was a time when people looked up at the sky in wonder, and existed peacefully with the people who lived there.

In the morning, they would watch the mystic light cast brilliant oranges and blues on the clouds above. During the day, while men tilled the fields to feed the wealthy, they looked longingly at the humble white puffs that floated in carefree manner above them. And during the night - on a clear night, they watched the magical beings known as stars glisten in the moonlight, unsure of just how far away they were. Unsure if they were a part of the sky, or beyond it altogether.

And they lived hand-in-hand with the mysterious people who coveted the sacred beauty of those skies.

The few humans who knew the truth of the sky people certainly never had a chance to evolve their science or their understanding of history enough to know much about them. It wasn't realized how they lived, nor how long they had been alive. It was almost the same on the other side, too. The two civilizations lived worlds apart, though in reality the distance between them was no more than the distance of the tallest mountains.

As curious as the land-dwellers, the sky people would pay visits in secrecy to various people throughout history; those people usually being the early politicians, scientists, or historians. It was their idea to bring about an eventual peace between the two worlds that they had neglected to forge early in human existence.

This union was one thing the patient sky people could not rush. They observed passively through the ages as the primitive being known as man changed. They watched as they discovered fire, art, and agriculture. They had been primitive once too, long ago, and watching the evolution of another people gave them a glimpse at their own past.

A legend states that the first of the sky people was a man who wanted so desperately to fly, he was granted the gift to do so. There are many similar myths, but it was always thought that there was a time when the sky people shared the land with the humans, and the two certainly had the capacity to coexist.

But somehow, the sky people evolved more quickly than their cousins, and into very different beings. At first - maybe when they began taking to the sky - they built kingdoms in the high mountains where man could not reach. And one day, they constructed, with much diligence, the flying cities. From these cities, they circled the Earth.

Human history has not been knowledgeable of these people, yet their impact has been felt greatly, influencing our own discoveries and bringing about mighty civilizations. There was a brief time when the sky people thought it would be best to thoroughly introduce themselves. But they never did.

Instead, they watched as the humans grew more and more separated from each other. They were pulled apart by the expanse of the land, the creation of countries, the birth and demise of one religion after another, and the plight of war after war. If rulers could not find a reason to fight, they would create one.

When it became clear that man was focused on changing their ways of killing other men rather than changing themselves, the sky people took notice. The land men eventually became adept at making armor, although it was heavier and cruder than those worn by their observers. They created bows and arrows, swords and cannons. The armor advanced to maintain the role of protection. The weaponry advanced to maintain the role of killing those who wore the armor. A constant evolution; one that would last for as long as the humans drew breath.

All of these inventions came about so quickly, the sky people couldn't be sure if there was someone of their own race sharing their secrets with the land men.

It was never discovered if such was the case. But perhaps it no longer mattered; regardless of how it began, the humans were now fixated on their various paths to dominance, no matter how temporary. It had to be decided that the people of the sky would cease sharing the ground with their cousins. They had to end their connection to the humans, knowing full well the direction they were headed; knowing, without a doubt, what they came to expect of the people below.

These people who lived on the ground - these people who sought newer ways to kill one another and invade neighboring lands... What, then, would they do if they discovered a race that had mastered flight? One that was powerful enough to leave the ground behind and open up a new realm entirely? It would drive the rulers of land mad. How they would try, sacrificing everyone if need be, to hold the technology wielded by the sky people. To be able to depart the ground and invade any country regardless of borders. It could - it would lead to the destruction of both races.

So it was decided: if the humans were going to wipe themselves out of existence, they could not bring the sky people down with them. And thus, from that simple realization, the people of the sky abandoned the surface world, taking their flying kingdoms as high as they could see. Their only remaining connection with the land below them would come from the tallest mountains that they would drift over and occasionally occupy.

But because they were banished from the world below by their own rule, they could no longer construct or maintain all of their floating paradises. So through time, they eventually crumbled away, their people flocking to the largest one of all. And through time, only one such place remained, disguised by its own cloud, slowly traveling across the world, faithfully serving the same route every passing generation.

It was in the 17th century that the last people of the sky were seen by humans. And throughout the ages to come, what remained of their small race vanished into the clouds above, and the people below them were known only as forgotten legend...