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Here is the majority of the cast of characters of Sky People, lovingly described with a sketch from the book of each.

Young and naive Princess Tasza might act like a spoiled brat to pretty much everyone, but she's really just as lonely as her father Tegra and acts out for much needed attention. Her new attendant Fedo is having a difficult time keeping her under control, and she constantly sneaks out of the palace. Everything changes when she falls off the kingdom and finds herself in England, realizing in the process that there is not a void under the kingdom after all. Ben is the first human she meets, who teaches her English. But trouble is brewing back home that she is unaware of...
Fedo enjoys being lazy, reading, playing chess, and being... lazy. He is usually friendly enough, though never outspoken. He doesn't mind keeping Tasza company as much as he seems to, but he doesn't enjoy being kept on his feet with her around. After he chases after Tasza when she falls, he is separated from her and meets Lily - and then saves her from her home after it is hit by a bomb. He can be brave at times, but also foolish, and is slow to learn anything - swordsmanship, human languages, etc. But only because he's lazy; not dumb.
Captain Pyre of the feathren air force is an honest and caring public hero to the entire kingdom. After his father was killed in a storm, he would eventually work his way up to replacing him, first spending a few years as a physical education instructor at the school for nobles. He has voiced his indifference to many of the kingdom's latest policies, while always remaining a strong supporter of the king and most of the council. Recently, he has become wary of Vrisae, King Tegra's advisor, but doubts anyone would listen to even him detail his feelings on the young man most see as an idealist.
Benjamin Holswell is the oldest of the three Holswell children, and after his father was killed, he began to see himself as the man of the house and works tirelessly to protect his family in any small way he can. He keeps himself busy mostly so that he can't find time to be sad. When he finds Tasza asleep in his haystack, he suddenly finds himself busy with his biggest project yet. Ben teaches Tasza the English language and introduces her to his family, and then later becomes friends with fellow human Lily Rossling.
The twins Bella and Chester are five years old at the start of the story, and at one point, speak English just about as well as Tasza does at first. They grow up a little over the course of a year, but they never grow out of their innocent fascination with the feathrens and the want to see their kingdom. Quite different from their older brother, Bella (born first by four minutes) and Chester are energetic and a little overly inquisitive. Chester is a bit of a goofball while Bella is a lot like Tasza's true self; sweet and caring. She even gives Tasza an old teddy bear at one point as a gift.
Locke Clement, the rather surly Oxford professor and moderately successful author. He only teaches a single, once a week class at the school and doesn't really consider himself a professor at all. He had written three sky people story books for children earlier in his life in hopes of possibly getting the attention of any wandering earthbound feathrens, but soon gave up and started writing more "adult" novels. He spends his weekends in his apartment, writing and smoking, and then returns to civilization the following Monday. Coming from America as a child, Locke carries a bit of a "yank" attitude and has a lighter British accent, and frequently uses British slang that actually isn't used by the locals as often as he believes. Despite his outward attitude and appearance, he's actually a pretty decent guy.
Patricia Holswell (dancing with Pyre here) is a mother trying to hold what's left of her family together. She knows she can't let her kids see her sadness and loneliness, for fear that they would lose confidence in her confidence to keep everyone going. Always thinking about moving further into the country with her kids, Patricia would like to get the family farm back to making a profit, and finds the needed help when the feathrens come to stay for awhile. She and Pyre have an affinity for one another, and essentially play mother and father to the new, strange extended Holswell clan.
Lily Rossling is a fairly typical British girl in a well off family, living not too far from the Thames River where she lives with her mother. Her father is an officer fighting the Germans in northern Africa. She discovers Fedo in a pile of rubble after a night of heavy bombings, and she and her mother take him in - not knowing that doing so would save Lily's life when a bomb falls on their apartment. After Fedo and Pyre are reunited and Lily moves in with the Holswells, she starts writing to her father. But she keeps her letters a secret from even Patricia...
Derek Rossling, Lily's father, is an older former officer who reenlisted to serve his country. He is a Major, and is currently fighting in North African, primarily in trench warfare. After he starts getting Lily's letters and realizes what has happened to his wife, he wants nothing more than to return home and permanently retire.
An old college friend of Locke, Armand is now fighting in the French Resistance. He sees himself as part of France's last line of defense against the Nazi invasion, and risks his life everyday to restore his country's freedom. He is gruff on the outside, but also very protective of his men and his friends. He has many connections in Paris and is likely a known figure by the occupying Germans.
King Tegra is the latest ruler in the Alveria line, taking over for his father after his young death. Declared King at the age of fifteen, Tegra has watched over his people for nearly thirty years now. After the mysterious death of his advisor, Vrisae's father, Vrisae himself took over the position and quickly seemed to bond with the king. Tegra is smart enough to realize that Vrisae likely has other motives, but is too compassionate to sever ties with Vrisae, whose family has served Tegra's for generations. While Tegra is benevolent and well respected, he is also overwhelmed with his duties and from loneliness after losing his wife. He would give anything in the world just to have the time to get a little closer to his daughter Tasza.
Rillo is known as the likely holder of "strongest feathren in the kingdom." His raw strength even rivals a fairly strong human. After he lost his position as a pilot in Pyre's squadron for wrecking an aircraft, Rillo took up jobs as a personal bodyguard for nobles. He still holds a small grudge against Pyre, but is professional enough not to let it affect him.
Vrisae is a young, power hungry egocentric whose family has been serving the royal line for generations. Despite his position as Tegra's advisor, he also frequently voices his concern with the king's decisions, and has become something of a face for Tegra's opposition. Even most people who support Tegra also support Vrisae since he has been known to act as a voice for the impoverished and others who lack the influence to help change the kingdom. But Vrisae has far greater plans than just political gain...