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Let's enter the real world for a moment here and talk about the book as we perceive it.

Hi, Ian Dean (Gekko) here, the actual author of Sky People. If you couldn't tell yet, the rest of this web page is essentially harking back to those innocent internet years where websites never went beyond a resolution width of 800 pixels, and looked best in Netscape Navigator 3.whathaveyou or above. This is because in the story, Rosalina publishes Sky People in 1994. Lucky for you, I've spared you the pain of a teal background, animated under construction gifs, and MIDI music you can't turn off.

Anyway, this book began back when I was still editing Valice - Origins as a side story to write on when editing simply got too boring for me on any particular day. I wanted to try my hand at contempary fantasy and try to avoid most of the cliches of the genre (there's still a princess, though). It was only on my second draft of the story that I decided to do something more interesting and add a fictitious author, Rosalina H. Eslin. This also opened up the chance for a series, with Rosa writing each new book.

These stories are shorter than my other ones, but still quite expansive and fun to write. I'm currently planning to have four more books in the R.H. Eslin series.

You can buy a paperback (perfect bound with high quality paper) for $19.95, and a digital ebook version for $5.00. As I currently use independent publisher, the book is only available there, but it does have an ISBN and will eventually appear on, as well. I will update this page when it becomes available there. is still a great place to order it from, and they're pretty fast.

Illustrating for me one again is my sister Molly (Meedee/Maneshi). She's worked hard, filling this story with over 25 illustrations, and a beautiful illustrated photograph, as well.


Molly's Deviant Art