About Rosalina H. Eslin
I was born in New York City on April 17th, 1968, making me a fairly young published author. Although I was raised in the big city, I've always preferred a quieter atmosphere, and spent much of time growing up in Central Park, or writing strange little whimsical stories rid with spelling and grammatical errors on my father's old typewriter. I would often make simple drawings to go along with these stories, since I usually had a hard time describing places and people the way I wanted. Most of early stories were inspired by those my mother and father told me.

While working for a degree in literature at NYU, I met my future husband, Marcus Eslin, and after graduating, moved to Burlington, Vermont, where I began a career in writing. I was always interested in the more fantastical stories I've heard over my travels, but I had always noticed the reluctance people show when they try to share their tales with me. It's incredible - sometimes I feel like I have to force the stories out of them! It turns out that fantastical things do happen in this world of ours, but that we choose to just not accept them, or can't see them for what they are.

I began to translate these stories into writing, often adding in a few elements just to make them seem more grounded in reality. I worked my way up from a weekly story in the local newspaper to the fantasy/sci-fi magazine Photon Elf, where I started to gain a following. Amazingly, some of my short stories were apparently shared experiences by other readers. I knew I was onto something.

After gaining something to a cult following, my fans began asking me to try and get an actual novel published. Any author can tell you that that is no easy undertaking. If I was going to do it, I would have to choose a story that was very close to me. And that story is the one of the feathrens - the sky people. Why does their story mean so much to me? Well, that's something you have to find out by reading the book. You'll also find out quite a bit more about me in there that I wouldn't want to spoil you with on this page.

Aside from my short stories and Sky People, I've also written two plays for the stage for my husband Marcus, who is the lead director at the small community theater up here - fantasy stories, of course. I hope to write more novels in the future while still working on my ever growing collection of short stories. No matter what I do, I will always work on separating the real tales from the ones of fiction.

Always remember, the best fantasy stories are the ones that are real.