Rosa's Web Log
December, 1994

Hello visitors and fellow adventure seekers!

Today, I've launched not only my new website and have become a part of the new internet age, but my first full length novel. It's available to purchase right now, and if you're itching to get it, you can even buy it online! Isn't technology great?

My thanks to my online website-making colleague, Gekko, for helping me get set up. Thanks to his hard work, Sky People now has a home in cyber space. I don't want to brag, but we got a very good deal on a spacious 350 MB server, so there's plenty of room for content to grow!

For those new to my stories or veterans alike, this is my first published novel. It's not a short story in a compilation, nor any manner of other blurb in a magazine. This is a real, honest to goodness fantasy story that is very close to me, and that I've been wanting to tell for years now. It's 308 pages long. Can you believe it? It feels like I've hit the big time now.

I've said enough in this web log entry. Click the link above ^^^ to learn more about Sky People. Ciao!

~ Rosa